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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  KPIX  October 11, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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can you remember what they are? >> i can. i wanted to bring this up to you because i feel it is an appropriate topic. and you'd be really interested in this. i'm working with axe on their new campaign. it is called shower pooling. the idea is that a group of people shower together or you can shower with just one other person or a pet. if you don't have -- craig: a pet? [laughter] >> the idea is you encourage people to save water. craig: yeah, i like it. >> if you want, i can put you on an e-mail list if you need some friends to shower with. [laughter] craig: yeah! >> thanks, geoff. or you can shower for less than five minutes a day if that helps. >> i'm european. i do five minutes every other day. i'm good. is there anything else? no, that's it?
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. we've lived this way for so long. searching for her and hoping she would come home. >> a new clue in an infamous bay area kidnapping. why a bay area mother believes she finally knows what happened to the daughter who disappeared 24 years ago. a real-life bonnie and clyde, the husband and wife suspected in a thousand-mile crime spree. and a retired bay area teacher who may have gotten caught in the middle. a new online matchmaker. but this one is not for dating. the new service designed to find your start-up soul mate. good evening. i'm ken bastida.
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>> and i'm dana king. a bone recovered in the speed freak killer's case is being tested as a possible match for mckayla garrett. she was nine years old when she was abducted in 1988. earlier this year, convicted killer wesley shermantine linked his late partner loren herzog to her disappearance. it took a bizarre route to get to the crime lab. joanne hobson's remains were found in a well back in february. but new testing found 28 of the bone fragments returned to her family are not hers. in fact, they belong to at least three other people. hobson's mother ordered the tests after watching investigators dig up the burial site with a backhoe. >> the way they pulled her out with those big steel claws and i saw that on tv. i was horrified.
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i feel like a crime has now been committed against me and my family. and i feel like joanne also has been murdered again. >> an anthropologist determined one fragment from the hobson remains belonged to a child between the ages of five and 14. it could be weeks, though, before there is a final answer on whether it was mckayla. our sister station in sacramento broke this story. reporter steve large is in hayward and spoke with mckayla's mother this evening. >> reporter: no question, this is one of the highest profile kidnapping cases in northern california. mckayla's mom has always held out to a sliver of hope she'd see her daughter again sometime. that's changing now. >> i think that this is quite possibly it. >> reporter: finally, mckayla garrett's mom is ready to end her daughter's search. >> this just...
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>> reporter: missing from hayward since 1988, a sketch of mckayla's alleged kidnapper looks alarmingly similar to speed freak serial killer herzog, and herzog's partner wesley shermantine wrote a jailhouse letter that reads herzog had family that lived in the valley, right by mckayla. >> they would place her in the area. >> reporter: now this new clue, a child's bone, discovered mixed in with other speed freak murder victims. thanks to a mom on her own mission for answers. it's a discovery law enforcement on the case either didn't know about or kept secret. >> that is truly shameful. i have to thank joanne hobson's family, because they received their daughter's remains, and rather than just accepting it, they went to the trouble of
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having it tested. >> reporter: now a new test for this mother, missing her daughter for 24 years. mckayla garrett's remains may now be located. >> i don't know how else to live, because we've lived this way for so long, searching for mckayla and hoping that she would come home. >> reporter: a lot for this mother to take in tonight. she says she's now waiting for these test results to come back from virginia. she has no idea what the timetable on that could be. >> steve, thank you very much. bay area survives to play another day. unbelievable. >> coming around, and the oakland a's will live another day! >> can you believe this? it was a real nail biter too. the a's stay alive to the bottom of the ninth to beat the tigers. the tigers ahead by two runs going into the bottom. then the a's brought in three
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runs to win the game, 4-3. tomorrow, do-or-die again. we've done this twice now. it is game time in oakland at 6:30 p.m. >> sandoval, high and deep. well, it stays there. that is way, way out of here! >> same story for the giants. they also had to win today to stay alive. and they did. big-time. they founded the reds. the series, even at two games apiece. gametime tomorrow, 10 a.m. our time. we'll show you more, coming up in sports. and more manna in the form of rain. only this time it brought thunder and lightning. this is what it looked like in watsonville. and in gilroy, hail. roberta gonzales has been
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tracking the conditions. >> i'm going to zero in on a lightning strike just now detected. this is live radar data coming in. you see it right there near san pablo reservoir. the yellow, that's moderate rainfall. right there in the north bay, you hear the raindrops on your rooftops. we'll talk about how all this will affect the morning commute, later in this newscast. a break in the case of a retired teacher, murdered outside her own bay area home. two people who may be connected to her murder are in custody tonight. that i were in a jail belonging to susie ko, reported stolen at the time of her murder. the arrests bring to an end what police say is a crime spree that spanned more than 1,000 miles. it began with a jail break in san bernardino county and ended in washington state. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin on how the pair was caught. >> reporter: the discovery of susie ko's blue subaru with a
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shotgun inside, the first glimmer of hope for her family since the 55-year-old retired teacher was found stabbed to death friday night at her hercules home. >> initial reaction, a little bit of relief. we've been working so hard since the event happened. to find some major clue, and finding this car. >> reporter: this morning, officers near seattle arrested a couple who smashed the car in a police chase. 24-year-old darnell washington and his 25-year-old wife tanya sped off when officers approached them in the stolen car. police say they arrested the pair at gunpoint, after they repeatedly rammed several patrol cars that boxed them in. the man and woman are considered persons of interest right now, not murder suspects. >> we just know they were in the stolen vehicle, and they're certainly people that we do want to talk to. if they are not the suspects, hopefully they can give us information that will lead us back to the suspects. >> the washingtons are wanted
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in a crime spree that began when the wife apparently helped her husband to escape from the san bernardino jail on august 28. five days later, the man allegedly shot a sheriff's deputy before getting away. authorities suspect the washingtons carjacked other cars before susie ko. her family hope the fbi and police can finally solve her murder. >> how is your family holding up? >> after the discovery of this news, much better now. i feel like we can probably get some sleep tonight. >> reporter: hercules police are expected to land in the seattle area by the end of tonight. they will question the two suspects to see if there's any link to the susie ko murder. they also want to talk to police in oregon and washington to see 23 there's any connection between the two suspects and any other crimes. with 27 days until the election, the presidential race is in a dead heat.
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the latest tracking poll gives mitt romney a one-point edge over president obama with about 4% of voters still undecided. both candidates are vying for those votes in key battleground states. meanwhile, the running mates are preparing for their big night. paul ryan and joe biden will meet in kentucky tomorrow for their first and only vice presidential debate. there has been no shortage of advice for both men. one rule seems to be just keep it simple. >> you need to be able to see that each vice presidential candidate has hit the standard of readiness. but beyond that, unless there is a star-killing or star- catching moment, it rarely changes the course of the debate. >> in terms of substance, try not to break any new ground. this is not an audition for 2016. >> biden has been there before
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plenty of times. and, of course, you can watch the debate right here on cbs 5. our special live coverage begins at 6:00. coming up, who would steal a 200-pound headstone right off a grave? thousands of people are going to live there. now a new report reveals just how radioactive the bay area development project really is. . that relationship is something that can potentially last your whole life. last your whole life. >> find your match, made in ,,,,
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his headstone was stolen, rt off his grave. somebody refuses to let a dead chp officer rest in peace. his headstone was stolen right off his grave. and it's not the first time vandals have targeted his memory. the cemetery mystery. >> reporter: at the oakland cemetery near santa cruz, chp officer john berry was buried ten years ago. but he has not rested in peace. his headstone was stolen. it wasn't easy. the granite slab weighed 200 pounds. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe anyone would stoop to this lowness to do something like this to anyone's marker. >> reporter: he died in a crash while chasing a speeding car in
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2002. his memory has been plagued by vandalism ever since. friends and family erected a wooden cross memorial at the crash site but someone cut it down. and the freeway signs were vandalized twice. >> if you had a reason to hate john or have a vendetta against him, he's gone. do whatever you need to do to pray to your god or whatever it is you do, but leave his memory alone. >> reporter: his wife, colleen, was also a chp officer. and the loss of the headstone has brought back all the pain. >> his wife and child are suffering from these cruel acts. so, again, i implore the community, to step up and let's show colleen that... >> reporter: there is a $6,000 reward. finally, some good news. the owner of the cemetery will install a more secure headstone for free. tens of thousands of people are going to live there, but
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the long-awaited development of treasure island could once again be in jeopardy because of its radioactive past. how much worse the contamination is than anyone ever thought. >> reporter: for ten years, emily has called treasure island home. but she can't even plant a garden. >> we don't dig. if we have gardens, we have them in pots, above ground. and we bring in our own dirt. >> reporter: she moved to the former navy base near what's known as area 12, now a fenced- off area with warnings of toxic contamination. the navy has found toxic chemicals and more recently, radioactivity, caused by the nea's own training of sailors and cleaning of warships. >> they did the cleanups here and they would spill radioactive materials, and they
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would teach the guys how to clean it up. >> reporter: but how deep the contamination goes is the unknown. >> all they've done is top level scanning. >> so literally, scratching the surface? >> correct. >> we're no more informed as a result of this in terms of the risk to the general population here than we were before this time. >> reporter: a bay area environmental group paid an outside health scientist consultant for its own study. among the points made by that consultant, there were eight areas the navy previously said were not affected by radiation. now the navy says those eight locations are indeed impacted. one building thought to be clean of radiation was actually impacted by radioactive material. in other words, the problem is worse than first thought, and blume says every new construction sight has to be tested. >> there's got to be a robust
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program to go out and investigate at every investigation site that occurs within the area. >> reporter: and the city of san francisco has big development plans for treasure island, including thousands of homes and a high-rise apartment building, projects the city plans to start next summer. but blume says the most recent findings doesn't mean there can't be development. >> doesn't necessarily mean people can't live out here. what it does mean is you're going to have to be a lot more diligent in how you go about your work here. >> reporter: and hopefully current tenants can stay. >> i don't want to leave. >> reporter: on treasure island, allen martin, cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> they say they're pressing the navy for more information on radioactive contamination on the island. they also want to know the extent of cleanup efforts before any construction begins. one bay area city has just been named the no. 1 place in the country for
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startups. nope. not san jose or san francisco. it's fremont, according to the website it has the most startups per capita. san jose came in second. even if you have a great idea for a start-up, there's no guarantee that you'll actually make any money on it. finding the right business partner can be a battle. the new online matchmaker designed to help you find your start-up soul mate and hopefully strike it research. >> reporter: steve jobs and steve. they were marriages made in tech entrepreneur heaven. it isn't easy to find your start-up soul mate. >> if you're married, you may spend more time with this person than your spouse. it should be someone that you enjoy. >> reporter: a virtual cupid for techies looking to find
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their perfect match for launching a company. jessica cofounded the site after she had a hard time finding someone to start a business with. >> the mission is we're trying to enable an entrepreneurialship. >> reporter: he made the rounds at aol before deciding he wanted to be his own ceo. he has a few ideas in the works but is hoping this connects him with the right business partner. >> it's more important to find the person with the right idea. that relationship is something that can potentially last your whole life. >> reporter: members have to go through an extensive process before they can join, and the acceptance rate is only between 10 to 20%. your have a better chance of getting into most private universities. so why not use one of the big- name social networking sites? or walk into a bar on palo
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alto? mark zuckerberg founded his start-up in a college dorm room with his buddies. >> online social networks give you a transparency on people. but the intent is not there as well as the quality of those people. >> reporter: according to a harvard business poll professor, tech startups have a failure rate of up to 95%, so you might as well take the you might as well take the plunge with someone
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we now head to watsonville where the schools were all lit
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up with lightning strikes today. dozens of lightning strikes reported in and around the bay area. a severe thunderstorm warning was in effect until 5 p.m. but it was allowed to expire. and now, in celebration, in honor of our oakland a's, the radar is live and all lit up, green and gold. let's focus in on some of those areas of gold and yellow. just off the coast, right now, in this cluster between brentwood and right here to the south, that's some pretty heavy rainfall. would not be too surprised if a lightning strike is being reported there as well. tonight with the showers gradually diminishing, 40's and 50's for tomorrow's lows. there's a slight chance of a lingering shower tomorrow, otherwise it will be mostly cloudy and we'll warm up just in time for the weekend. area of low pressure, finally beginning to sag to the south. the rotation, in a
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counterclockwise fashion, that's why our rain is actually spilling into the bay area, from the east to the west. overall tomorrow, mostly cloudy and with the lack of sunshine, the temperatures will be cooler than today. 50's, beaches. 60's, peninsula. to the east, 70 degrees. to the north, 70 degrees, also in sonoma. the extended forecast does call for a warm-up this weekend. roberta, print those "we believe" t-shirts because both the a's and giants are on fire. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs.
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new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. a's team that faced elimintn tonight in game four against detroit.. amazing. that's all you can say about an oakland a's team that has faced elimination in game 4 against detroit. a.j. griffin, prince fielder bobbed one into the bleachers. 2-0, tigers, in the fourth inning. now, down 3-1. ninth inning. the a's had runners at second
2:04 am
and third. and then, seth smith roped one into the gap. donaldson came from behind. tied the game at three apiece on the double by smith. two outs now for coco. >> smith coming around! and the oakland a's will live another day! >> another improbable win for the a's, who are now a win away from the alds. >> there's nobody he'd rather see in that situation than coco. when you don't need a homer but a base hit, is that pretty much what the rest of the dugout thinks? >> i don't know if i should be offended by that or not. >> i think he was, what, 0-for- 4 going into that bat? that says a lot. >> he came down from a four-
2:05 am
run, five-run deficit. >> wins are always good. means you get to play another day. like the a's, the giants staring elimination in the face for the second straight day. but today, timmy was smoking hot. not a great start for that man. he walked three in the first and then a run, to tie the game at one. but a two-run job. the giants had eleven hits, one fewer than the last three games combined. it was 3-2, giants, in the third. bruce bochy calls on tim lincecum in the bullpen. lincecum strikes out six. the giants win 8-3. they force a game 5. >> i feel like there's a momentum that we started.
2:06 am
they raise us up, bring us together at the same time and, you know, it's not about going out there as individuals. it's going out there as giants and knowing what we gotta do. we gotta win. remember, when mat latos was with the padres? okay. meanwhile, in the bronx... >> did he do it again! he did! >> he tied it with a home run in the ninth. in the ninth. they won it in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. we have a little guest with us tonight. introduce us and tell us what time the games are tomorrow. >> this is bernie. he's our new mascot, as long as the a's win. >> the a's play at 6:30 tomorrow night. the giants start at 10 a.m. ,, ,,


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